Macmax’s Bro Ltd, is part of the business group that supplies range of consumer and industrial products. The industry is constantly expanding in African markets and more and more businesses are establishing who are linking with the foreign-based suppliers for their supplies.

On some fronts the local government are also controlling the same products, mainly basic consumer goods such as rice, sugar, oil, wheat product etc. these products are controlled by the local government through their contracted suppliers and distributors.

Local suppliers and distributors mainly involved in acquisition and distribution of local and imported products to end users suppliers or small traders. They have so far focused on a few main brands due to lack of suppliers or unavailability of these products. Their service and support is not usually very good and their prices are usually higher.

There is a trend of local businesses or individuals who have either links in international markets or have been to European markets, to establish business on their own and cater for the needs of the rapidly expanding local economy. This sector has capitalized by establishing their offices and bases in and outside these local markets covering a wide range of products. This strategy has given them an upper edge due to their flexibility in controlling the cost and quality of their supplies. This sector also established their own network of distribution to cover this huge African markets.

Export sector is another venue where opportunities can be capitalized. Angolan export were in the region of US$.6 billion in 2002 mainly consists of crude oil, diamonds, petroleum, gas, fish and fish products, timber and cotton.

Considering the information and analysis of the above sectors, Macmax’s Bro Ltd, believe that its products have the opportunities to be successful in the market. The growing public and private sector consumer’s demands imply that there is a growing economic trend for wide range of products. Because there is a wide gap in the market

We can’t just market and sell; we must actually deliver as well. We need to make sure we have the knowledge intensive business and services intensive business we claim to have.


Currently markets in Angola and other African countries are rapidly expanding. Stability in the political situation in these countries attracted foreign investors and demand for foreign products especially in FMCG’S area have shown a big rise. Macmax’s Bro Ltd, management’s links and contacts in these markets can be exploited to attract local companies in the products that are of high quality and reasonably priced.

Local government controls FMCG’s such as sugar, oil, and rice and they are contracted out to private investors and suppliers. Beside this fast establishing supply network have raised huge demands of frozen meat, chickens and frozen food.