1. Emphasize Services and Support

We must differentiate ourselves from traditional suppliers and distributors. We need to establish our business offering as a clear and viable alternative for our target market, to the price-only kind of buying.

2. Build a Relationship Oriented Business

Build a long-term relationships with clients, not single transaction deals with customers. Become their first preferred supplier, not just a vendor. Make them understand the value of the relationship.

3. Focus on Target Markets.

As a corollary, the high-end consumer market is also appropriate. We do not want to compete for the buyers who go to the chain stores or emails order, but we definitely want to be able to sell high spending individuals a reliable, full-service supplier.

4. Differentiate and Fulfill the Promise

  • Government departments controlling products and services imported into countries. Macmax’s Bro Ltd aim will be to include its name on the official suppliers list of local countries.
  • Macmax’s Bro Ltd has also planned to send some samples products to various suppliers and also to trade and industry sections of the local governments. The purpose of which is to show the competitive quality of its products and started to gain access to these departments to open a door for the initial dialogue.

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